Saturday, January 30, 2016

Energy Light and Sound Energy

1. The light energy is the energy emitted by the light source.
The light energy causes the dark into light.
The light energy source is the sun
The light energy source
Examples of Light Energy Sources: Energy Light Source example:
electric light. lit
flashlight lit
candles lit
bike lights are switched on
car lights are turned on
lightning etc.
Light Energy Sources
Benefits of light energy in everyday life:
Lighting while studying
Photosynthesis (sun)
Street lighting at night

2. The sound energy is energy generated by objects that produce sound
Sound energy can be known through our ears
The sound produced from the vibrating body
The level of sound is affected by how quickly the object vibrating
The more quickly and strongly objects to vibrate the sound of the higher / hard
The more slow and weak object vibrating, then the sound gets weaker
Examples of objects that can generate sounds are:
trumpet blown
drum being beaten
who was plucked guitar
school bell was lit.
car horn or motor ignited
piano being played
the radio is turned
people are talking

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